Underground Tape


Below ground safety is all about protecting buried essential services such as gas, water, electricity and communication data. The investment in underground pipes and cables is enormous and should be protected from damage.

Underground Tape should be laid over underground services half-way between the service and the surface in the trench so that a warning can be given before any damage to the service is caused during an excavation.

Underground warning tapes can be manufactured with any text, in any language, any colour and size manufactured to your specification.

Standards that apply to the manufacturing of Non Detectable Underground Tape – AS/NZS 2648.1:1995 – Underground marking tape.

421 Products offer a range of underground tapes to suit your application – all manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 2648.1:1995


  • Non Detectable Underground Tape
  • Detectable Foil Underground Tape
  • Tracer Wire (Mains Marker) Underground Tape
  • Caution Mesh (Fairwarning) Underground Tape (Detectable and Non Detectable)

421 Underground Tape Product Specifications

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