Pipemarkers are used to identify the contents of pipes, conduits, ducts and sheathing used to contain fluids, or for the distribution of electrical or communication services in land installations and on board ships, by the use of colours, words and symbols.

Pipemarkers comprise either a printed label which can be affixed to a pipe.  Markers shall show the following information:

  • A word or words indicating the contents of the pipe and, if desired, some especially hazardous aspect of the pipe, e.g. high pressure, high voltage, toxic waste; or both.
  • A background colour generally in the form of a rectangular colour identification block large enough to accommodate the words, such colour being the basic identification colour.
  • A contrasting border around the colour identification block.
  • A chevron within the border, if required, to indicate the direction of flow in a pipe carrying a liquid or gas.

For further information refer to Australian Standard AS1345-1995.


Custom Pipemarkers

421 Products also offer you the option to have “CUSTOM PIPEMARKERS” made.

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